Lindsay Walks Live! Part 1 - adjusting to life back home

On Friday February 23, in Worcester, Massachusetts, Lindsay and Jake recorded an episode of Lindsay Walks in front of a live audience.

In the first half, we mostly talked about what it's been like readjusting to her old life in Massachusetts, and that's what's in this episode. You can find the other half on, behind this link.

In this episode, I also got to ask Lindsay's friend Nate Hurwitz a couple of questions -- Lindsay and Nate met during her trip, while he was also biking across the country. Nate's website is at and you can read about his travels there.

Some things we talk about were also in earlier episodes of Lindsay Walks, so, if you want to hear a more expanded treatment of them, or are just curious as to what Lindsay said about them in the immediate aftermath, then you can do so using the below links:

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