Friends and Family (episode 24)

This week, Lindsay meets up with family and goes to a graduation party, plans meeting up with another cross-country walker (Logan Mayberry), heeds warnings about walking through Death Valley, and considers the question of down time on the road.

Logan has a youtube channel at .

Lindsay is also on facebook!

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Even If You Win, You Lose (episode 22)

This week, Lindsay checks in from Amarillo, Texas, where she is preparing to forge on to Albuquerque, New Mexico, about 300 miles away. It might take a little while to walk there.

Since the last time we talked, she's gotten tips on stealth camping from another long-distance walker, experimented with Facebook Live, and visited a Cadillac graveyard. We talked about those and other adventures, and we also discovered that we have remarkably similar advice to give to people contemplating entering a food-eating contest or engaging of street harassment of women: Don't.

Not mentioned on the podcast: Lindsay's hometown newspaper, the Landmark, recently ran a story about her, which you can read at .

Entering Texas (episode 21)

This was recorded the morning after Lindsay crossed the Texas border! She broadcast the crossing via Facebook Live -- you can see the resulting video at .

She also met and walked with another cross-country hiker -- Donald Akins, an ex-Marine who is carrying a large cross to the west coast.  In this episode, she talks about that, the further adventures of Cynthiana the dog, and the unexpected link between hikers and truckers, among other things.  She also addresses a frequently asked question: How many pairs of shoes has she gone through?

Football, Bad Cell Phone Service, and a Twisted Ankle (episode 13)

This week, Lindsay crosses into Arkansas, sprains her ankle (she's OK now), experiences watching the Super Bowl in a dry county, and resolves to swear less.

If you've encountered Lindsay on her travels, and are interested in recording a short call with Jake about it, then let us know! You can reach Lindsay via facebook or Jake by writing to podcast at jacobhaller dot com.

Religion, Juke Joints, and Dumplings (episode 12)

This episode begins with a strong denunciation of Donald Trump, and Lindsay then moves on to describe her adventures for the week, which include a religious discussion in a Mississippi fire house, an inspirational talk from a 97-year-old juke joint proprietor, some great food, a walk from Mississippi to Graceland, and a blessing from Pastor Al Green in his church in Memphis. She also clarifies an important point about Glen, Mississippi.

There’s a documentary named ‘Gip’ that is about the 97-year-old juke joint proprietor mentioned above (his name is Gip Gipson0. Lindsay heartily recommends it, and more information can be found at .

Muscle Shoals (episode 11)

This week, Lindsay experiences some more cart-related frustrations, tries frogs legs (👎) and hush puppies (👍) for the first time, does some sightseeing around Muscle Shoals (we recommend the excellent documentary of the same name, about the legendary music studios in the area; it's currently available for streaming on Netflix, among other places), is teased for not smelling bad enough, and becomes 'Facebook official' with Tim. We also talk about dealing with political conversations on Facebook.

This episode features the song 'Gypsy' from the album 'Something from Nothing' by the band West Means Home -- check them out at !

If you've encountered Lindsay on her journey, and would like to record a phone conversation with Jake about the experience, for release on the podcast, then get in touch with either of them via facebook, twitter, or email!

You've Been A Good Old Wagon (episode 10)

This week, Lindsay gives an elegy for her broken cart, wonders what to name her new one, goes on the radio, and talks about dogs she's met recently. We also give a shoutout to 'Still Buffering', a podcast about being a teen; Jake got them to mention our podcast when we were just starting out!

If you want to hear the Still Buffering segment that mentioned us, it's in the episode about homework, and you can click here to jump to the exact spot where they talk about us.

Thanks also to WLRH's Beth Norwood for interviewing Lindsay. You can hear the interview by clicking here!