Georgia!! (episode 4)

Lindsay has walked across the entire state of South Carolina, and is now in Georgia! In getting to that, we talk about being stuck in a motel for a couple of days due to bad weather, plus a couple of great families who have helped her out this past week.

In addition to this week's developments, we talked a little about a couple of charities that Lindsay has come across during her journey. First, she talked to a veteran about the Saratoga WarHorse Foundation, which you can find more information about at .

We also talked about a partnership between Culley Carriers and Walking Tall: Free Haircuts for Homeless, who have teamed up to collect bagged lunches, gloves, hats, backpacks, and toiletries for the homeless; they want to get supplies for 100 people. For additional information, go to . If you also want to help out the homeless people in your area, then that also would make us very happy!

If you're interested in Lindsay's saga, then, in addition to what's on this website, you might want to check out Lindsay's facebook page at . Lindsay posts a lot of photos there, and a lot of the people she encounters on her walks also turn up to check in with her!