Lindsay Live on Friday Feb 23 - tickets available!

Lindsay is going to record a live episode of the podcast, in which she will describe what it's like to be home after a year traveling across the country, and answer questions from the audience! This event will be on Friday February 23 from 6:30-9 pm at the Printers Building Trust, 44 Portland Street, 7th floor, in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Tickets are $10, and you can get them at . Space is limited, so get your tickets in advance!

Food and refreshments are included, and we think it's going to be a great night. Hope to see you there!

They Gave Me Hugs And Support And Sent Me On My Way (episode 45)

Since the last time we talked, Lindsay battled flat tires and wet electronics to complete 365 days on the road in Richmond, Virginia! She was evicted from a church, welcomed into a gun club, goes on a morning TV show, does some biking with my dad, almost photographs a wedding in her pajama pants, and finally is reunited with her boyfriend Tim and one of her dogs, the half-pug half-chihuahua Cody.

This will be the last Lindsay Walks for a while, I think, but stay subscribed for details about a live recording we hope to do in Worcester, MA in about a month and a half or so!

Lindsay is also on facebook!

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Wielding My Knife And Handing Him My Debit Card (episode 40)

This week, Lindsay starts retracing her path, except in reverse order and much faster. She empties out her cart, considers the pros and cons of traveling by car, and tries to keep Cynthiana the dog from taking on driving duties. She also visits Astoria, where a lot of the movie the Goonies was filmed. She also joins the '3200 club' and contemplates the community of cross-country walkers.

I Did Everything You're Not Supposed To Do (episode 39)

This week, Lindsay jumped into the Pacific Ocean! Whoooo!  And then she took some photos of the total eclipse.  It's been an eventful week!

You can see the video of Lindsay's final walk to the sea at and some of the photos she took of the eclipse at .

The podcast is going to continue, as Lindsay heads back to Oklahoma, then bikes to the Atlantic from there. If you've encountered Lindsay on her journey, or have been inspired by her, or have gone on a similar trip, then we'd love to hear from you, and Jake would love to record a conversation with you for the podcast! You can reach Jake at jake at

Your Vacations From Walking Are Also Hiking (episode 35)

This week, we recorded on one of Lindsay's rest days, following a week in which she was mistaken (?) for a hippie, was given an unexpected tour of fossil country, battled a steep mountain, and put some money on Surfing at the Bar, Vernon the Cat, and Impulsive Kate. The question of what Hogwarts house a dog might belong to is also addressed.

We talked a bit about the Spoke'n Hostel in Mitchell, Oregon, which Lindsay recommends checking out and supporting if you find yourself in the area!

This episode includes an audio clip from a Vox story about the 2016 standoff between the Bureau of Land Management and some Oregon ranchers.

You Might Be The Captain, But She's The Admiral (episode 33)

By the time you read this, Lindsay may already be in Oregon, the final state of her journey!

This week, Lindsay finds a friend's hat, gets a permanent reminder of her trip, goes to the movies, and hears some very interesting stories from Captain Harry of the Deadliest Catch.

One place Lindsay went to eat this week was Even Stevens, a chain of sandwich shops in Idaho, Arizona, and Utah that donates food to local non-profits. See if there's one near you!

Whistle Pigs (episode 32)

This week, Lindsay has a hearty breakfast, organizes a search for a sports bra, and hears about a life-changing car breakdown. We also talk about the bonus episode with Barbara Lee (which I released last Friday and is at and on the podcast feed).

The whistle pig sounds in this episode were taken from this video:

Meeting Lindsay and Logan (bonus episode 31a)

In this bonus episode, I talk to Barbara Lee, who encountered Lindsay, Logan, and Cynthiana on a campground in Escalante, Utah last month.

If you think that America's national monuments are as important as Barbara and Lindsay do, then please consider taking action to protect them.  You can use this form to send a message to the Secretary of the Interior about it!

Kayaks and Hot Springs, Not At The Same Time (episode 31)

This week, Lindsay encounters friendly towns and less friendly towns, goes kayaking in the rain, and gets a little rest and relaxation in some hot springs, while Cynthiana the dog takes an unexpected swim. Lindsay's cell phone reception was kind of rough on this one -- sorry!

Look for a bonus episode in a few days, in which a special guest describes meeting Lindsay and Logan in Escalante, Utah last month.

X-Rays and Lost Dog (episode 29)

This week, Lindsay goes to urgent care, is separated from and then reunited with Cynthiana the dog, and takes some much-needed R&R.

You can see the video of Lindsay falling down a ravine at .

If you missed the episode where Lindsay and Logan talked about their decision to stop walking together, you can find it at